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My insurance company didn’t pay me enough for my claim & they say that is all they are willing to pay. What should I do in order to get what is owed to me?
We handle thousands of underpaid insurance claims each year, in fact, we know this is a very common agenda among insurance companies-to underpay their customers when they are entitled to much more!
My insurance company has denied my claim and they say they will not pay a penny What do I do?
Every day, thousands of homeowners get their claims denied by their insurance company.
We handle all denied claims, and are able to get you the maximum compensation you deserve!
How long do I have to file an insurance claim?
You have up to 5 years from the date of loss to file an insurance claim.
My neighbor caused damage to my property but I have no insurance...now what?
If your neighbor has caused damage to your property, Yes! we are able to get you compensation through their insurance company. We handle many liabilities claims for our clients, which gives us the extensive knowledge needed when dealing with these types of claims.
How long do I have to wait for my insurance company to pay my claim?
This is a very complex question given that there are many factors that come into play. Typically, the insurance company has 90 days from the day the claim was reported to pay your claim. Many insurance companies use certain tactics to delay the 90-day rule, that is why it is crucial to hire an expert in order to ensure that maximum monetary compensation is achieved in a timely manner
My insurance company states that I have an “option to repair” and wants to use their own contractor to fix my property, however, I want to use my own contractor...what can I do?
This is typical with many insurance policies. We have numerous clients that have been given this option from their insurance company. Due to the fact that we are highly experienced in the Public Adjusting industry, we are able to get our clients the compensation they deserve as well as assure them that they are able to hire who they choose to repair their property.
I have insurance but I am not sure if I am covered for my damage...how can I find out?
The average person will not know how to review an insurance policy, however, here at Claim Check Consultants Public Insurance Adjusters, we are highly experienced and licensed to review your policy and to ensure you have coverage for your damages. The best part is…we offer a FREE policy review with no obligations!
I have a few roof stains but I do not see any other damage. Do I have a claim?
Most property damages are hidden and are unable to be seen with the naked eye. Our adjusters have state of the art equipment that shows hidden damages at your home. In addition, they are licensed to find damages you didn’t know you had before. This is why it is crucial to hire a Public Adjuster that can properly inspect your property for any damages that you may not have known about before. We offer FREE home inspections & evaluations with no obligations.
Why hire a Public Adjuster?
A Public Adjuster is an advocate for the property owner. If you were on your own, would you know how to calculate, negotiate, and deal with your insurance company in order to get every penny you are entitled to? Even a simple roof leak or stove fire can cause much more damage than you would expect. Claim Check Consultants Public Insurance Adjusters expertise means a higher payout for you and professional adjusters representing your best interest. The insurance company has an adjuster…why shouldn’t you?!
The insurance company paid me, but I don’t think I can receive any more compensation…
Claim Check Consultants Public Insurance Adjusters knows everything you are entitled to collect. Settlements for 200%, and even 300% greater than what the insurance company initially offered is not uncommon.
Can an insurance claim be reopened?...but what if it was denied?
Yes! Even if your claim was underpaid or denied, we can reopen the claim and get you the compensation you deserve for your damages.
What types of claims do you handle?
We handle all Residential and Commercial claims. The types of claims we handle are fire/smoke, hurricane damage, storm damage, tornado damage, water damage, plumbing damage, burglary damage, vandalism damage, mold damage, roof damage, sinkhole damage, loss of income for businesses, flood damage, broken tile, and any other type of structural damage to homes-multifamily, apartments, buildings, industrial facilities, churches, schools, etc.